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- Cornette,2,8,15,16,17,20,32,35,61,-4 ...2011.07.31 12:04:00
- The video is this one, I think: Th ...2011.07.30 20:49:00
- Edited by: Cornette on 30/07/2011 20:50:43 Edited by: Cornette on 30/07/2011 20:40:13 The video is ...2011.07.30 20:39:00
- After I turned off Incarna because of its atricious performance on my computer my game is running sm ...2011.07.24 19:29:00
- Its only one agent, Akemon Tolan, who give the cloak away, along with the 8% akemon armor implant.He ...2011.07.19 20:23:00
- Then you won't go wrong with projectiles and lasers. Projs for kiting, speed, survival, surprise IMO ...2011.07.18 21:38:00
- For pvp, train both.For pve, train missiles. ...2011.07.18 21:19:00
- I had forgotten about the Rokh. Now I vaugely remember seeing one over 2 years ago in a sniper fleet ...2011.07.18 21:16:00
- First pony skins for the ships we have. THEN we can talk about new ships.Yeesh. Priorities man! ...2011.07.18 06:39:00
- Your better off using a standard Mega :P People who fly Vindi's seriously use a expensive faction/co ...2011.07.18 06:34:00
- Before its nerf there was people soloing with it and a few made some decent pvp vids. One in particu ...2011.07.17 11:53:00
- I haven't used my Arazu since CCP nerfed dampeners for.. how long was it ago - 3 years? Since then I ...2010.12.11 21:18:00
- A few days ago I dusted off my old Deimos that I had since I-forgot-when. Apart from taking it out a ...2010.09.03 18:08:00
- I think the best boost they gave the tempest was the removal of the Doomsday device and the doubling ...2009.12.02 12:17:00
- The navy mega is horrible now. The artist must suffer from downs syndrom, and someone at CCP gave hi ...2009.12.02 11:37:00

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