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- How is it that she male is considered profane? ...2011.05.14 05:23:00
- Simply put... Why can't we create ******* avatars? This discrimination against a rather alluring gen ...2011.05.14 05:05:00
- Wait, what was that you say? You can buy a Quafe T-Shirt to customize your character for a PLEX? Boy ...2011.03.19 21:22:00
- Elise Randolph for CSM!Also please get CCP to do something about this new lag in Incursion... it rem ...2011.01.23 13:17:00
- ideally we should be able to right click on assembled ships and 'Wrap For Shipping' to get an instan ...2010.12.27 22:50:00
- Soooooooooo... 70 Devs working on Incarna instead of the Core Game of EVE and it is still not happen ...2010.09.23 02:45:00
- I hope that the next call for numbers will find you and yours available and interested.Why not just ...2010.08.26 01:07:00
- Edited by: Deadly Hobbitses on 20/07/2010 20:41:03 In regards to EVE/Dust 514 Interaction...Will I ...2010.07.20 20:39:00
- Back a year or two ago, CCP decided to install a huge reef aquarium in their office. For a while at ...2010.01.13 23:32:00
- Please for the love of God increase the maximum number of tabs to at least 10. Even for the carebear ...2009.11.24 01:10:00
- My wish list for Black Ops, given they truely suck as is...Increase Fuel bay to 4km3 - What is the p ...2009.11.24 00:52:00
- Actualy its not, i have seen them being used effectivly alot in 1 single afternoon disrupting any so ...2009.11.24 00:23:00
- Edited by: Deadly Hobbitses on 15/10/2008 03:32:41 Page 100 Snypa fail attempt :(Think this deserve ...2008.10.15 03:32:00
- The bug that became a feature On Monday, we released news that we are disabling „Ghost Training“ ...2008.10.15 02:31:00
- CCP Wrangler: The only avenue left for CCP to regain any amount of credibility regarding this issue ...2008.10.14 19:31:00

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