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- So if I have a year's worth of research points from an agent that never gave me anything, can I get ...2007.03.22 05:31:00
- And size counts for nothing? So an inty could pin a freighter? Where's the sense in that?!Ah well. ...2006.09.13 18:10:00
- I know other biggy tech 2 ships (like titans) are, but there's nothing on here saying that the charo ...2006.09.13 18:00:00
- Is it just caldari navy or all corps? ...2006.07.26 17:44:00
- Same for me too - I should have jump clone level standings by now and they've just frozen for the la ...2006.07.26 17:36:00
- I know what you mean about this.Some of the really daft Caldari ones are easier if you put the stres ...2006.02.10 12:47:00
- I'm currently getting to the stage with my character whereby she can run more than one research proj ...2006.01.31 14:16:00
- According to the items database, the biology skill gives a "20% Bonus to attribute booster duration ...2006.01.31 13:55:00
- Agree totally - the Indies are all well and good, but something that can easily carry more than a je ...2006.01.25 13:34:00
- HiHave read the stacking penalties sticky and am still unsure:Different types of guns use different ...2006.01.20 11:18:00
- just get a hulk and load it with local expanders, don't really need a hauler thenNice idea. There's ...2006.01.05 16:57:00
- Well a freighter can't be loaded outside of a station, so all your ore has to be in a station to mov ...2006.01.05 16:56:00
- Okay - so I've spent the prerequisite month training up for a coveter and am now happily mining away ...2006.01.05 16:29:00
- not forgetting the new implants u can get as well for ice and ore mining 5% more yield and ice i thi ...2006.01.03 12:00:00
- Sorry - this has posted twice and I don't seem to be able to remove it. My bad... ...2005.12.29 16:53:00

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