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- 1: Probably. 2: yes, There are rules against it, And No, I'm not going to dig through the EULA to f ...2008.05.02 22:20:00
- Has anyone ever auctioned an EVE character for WoW gold? I kind of hate to say it, but I really only ...2008.05.02 18:27:00
- Are tachyons really that useful in missions over mega pulse? Pulse lasers do more damage, and with d ...2007.12.18 22:26:00
- The Abaddon, when equipped with Mega Pulse lasers as you would expect, does a full 33 percent more d ...2007.12.18 21:21:00
- Edited by: Sparkius on 18/12/2007 20:42:18 Use a battleship to do level 4 missions. Pretty much any ...2007.12.18 20:41:00
- Buffer tank I haven't heard before; perhaps it's synonymous with a passive armor tank where you have ...2007.12.13 15:15:00
- The graphics are the only difference. ...2007.12.10 23:49:00
- Right-click in empty space and any location you have been given from an agent should be at the botto ...2007.12.10 23:48:00
- You have a 1/n chance, where n is the total number of agents currently in your People and Places, of ...2007.12.10 22:35:00
- I'm so confident in CCP that my skill finishes just hours after the servers are supposed to be avail ...2007.12.05 00:00:00
- I've created my Gallente Intaki character focusing on manufacturing and mining skills and I've setu ...2007.12.04 23:56:00
- You have to download the Premium patch manually, as far as I know the test client is not prompting. ...2007.11.29 23:05:00
- That is what they were on Tuesday. ...2007.11.29 23:02:00
- I noticed this when looking at Marauders on the market. They almost look blurry. ...2007.11.28 15:50:00
- Did you download the patch again? What build level is your test install at? ...2007.11.28 15:37:00

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