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- Hello... Im looking for the name of this service where its kind of a lottery site where a certain it ...2011.08.31 16:55:00
- Edited by: Cal Gin on 31/08/2011 16:31:05 The thing that makes Dust different from other games is t ...2011.08.31 16:30:00
- *sigh* i'm really not as stupid as i look nor as noobish as you all seem to think i am.... don't wan ...2011.08.05 04:19:00
- Why shoot rifters when i can instapop shuttles? ...2011.08.05 03:44:00
- Edited by: Cal Gin on 05/08/2011 03:17:55 I may not know alot about some things but im not stupid.. ...2011.08.05 03:08:00
- explain? ...2011.08.05 02:57:00
- Not in an Aliance and i only know 1 cap pilot an i haven't had the chance to ask him yet... and i wi ...2011.08.05 02:50:00
- Greetings more experienced Pilots. I am currently contemplating buying an alt that will be my cap pi ...2011.08.05 02:36:00
- No one has any answers? ...2011.06.19 19:54:00
- In DUST you are supposed to be able to join EVE Corps... If that corp is in FW will there be any dif ...2011.06.19 17:39:00
- This may be a stupid question but are there ships being given for this tournament?... and if so have ...2011.06.19 17:33:00
- Red Federation ...2011.06.18 19:37:00
- perihelion ...2011.06.18 15:39:00
- lol i know... ill try to do worse next time... I think i broke the terms of use or something. ...2011.06.14 05:46:00
- Edited by: Cal Gin on 14/06/2011 05:32:58 This is my 2 Cents on the epic game Dust 514... if you ha ...2011.06.14 05:32:00

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