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- +1 wtf, why get rid of this option in the first place? ...2011.09.06 14:00:00
- Dying to Falcon/Rook is the cost of business for flying solo. To avoid loss, fly something that can ...2011.09.04 15:46:00
- Because it would be too difficult to actually live in a system you wanted to claim sovereignty over. ...2011.09.02 18:23:00
- You shouldn't be able to use a map to tell you where people are active. You should have to patrol yo ...2011.09.02 16:01:00
- It is good news to hear Mr. Hawke has decided to take a sabbatical. Too often in these critical situ ...2011.08.29 13:29:00
- Thanks for the clear demonstration you have no idea how to play. The alpha is only useful when you a ...2011.08.26 04:32:00
- Show me on the doll where the hurricane touched you Right there. (/me points to doll). The Thrasher ...2011.08.25 22:40:00
- Anyone with any clue about projectiles will tell you, you are fecked if you let the opponent dictate ...2011.08.25 22:34:00
- Get rid of mechanical benefits of sovereignty altogether. If somebody has the balls to put up a stat ...2011.08.25 20:42:00
- A smallholding corp could use wormholes to go to and from high sec for resupply. The key is providin ...2011.08.25 20:01:00
- Remove drones as a way to slightly nerf Minmatar ships which currently dominate Top 20 ...2011.08.25 19:52:00
- Thread has devolved into plexing mechanic discussion - again - even though the most people who have ...2011.08.24 15:02:00
- Increase the "depth" of each system by adding (lots of) static plexes that players can colonize. Hav ...2011.08.24 12:26:00
- If it's not wiki'd, it didn't happen, IMO. I can't find the "Nennamaila Incident" on Eve Wiki. Case ...2011.08.23 19:43:00
- I guess my last word on this. People talk about making Eve bigger. You could make Eve bigger by putt ...2011.08.23 15:25:00

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