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- If you like small gang pvp and flying with people who (mostly) know which button to press, you will ...2011.04.03 23:56:00
- +1 ...2011.01.20 03:11:00
- Joined about 2 months ago and been having a good time. After this kill I knew it was the group for ...2011.01.05 05:14:00
- Talked to some cool people so far, still weighing my options. Please drop me a line if you've got a ...2010.10.24 04:25:00
- Not-so-bitter vet, mature player looking for good quality corp/alliance. I've got two characters wi ...2010.10.23 02:58:00
- Edited by: Sekundar Burnes on 18/03/2010 18:49:59 Nope.... doing a stint in a 0.0 outfit again. Th ...2010.03.18 18:49:00
- Confirming that we have a nap list 12 pages long, have a dot in our name, and are otherwise offensiv ...2010.02.26 04:35:00
- Edited by: Sekundar Burnes on 06/02/2010 00:30:16 HAOS, hup hup!And Ram, stay away from our Renegad ...2010.02.06 00:30:00
- I've replied to all those who have sent eve-mails or posted a response here. The opportunity for sy ...2010.01.30 18:22:00
- bump ...2010.01.29 01:05:00
- Thanks to the people who made one-time purchases, still looking for a regular buyer. Send me a bid ...2010.01.28 03:47:00
- Fibers still available, large quantities available for one time or regular purchase. ...2010.01.20 06:15:00
- Large quantities of sylramic fibers available for discount prices when purchased in bulk. Ideally I ...2010.01.18 19:31:00
- Please allow corporations to assign roles so that buy/sell orders made on the corporation's behalf c ...2010.01.16 07:06:00
- Sekundar.. come back to daddy.. you know you love me!!Oh, all right. ...2010.01.14 00:17:00

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