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- I have purchased a plethora of monocles but as you can see by my unsightly scar, caused by a beer-po ...2011.06.27 11:51:00
- Edited by: Velocity Prime on 26/06/2011 16:23:25 Just kidding! Check out my Quafe shirt, *****es! ...2011.06.27 08:09:00
- ...Reading my Kindle, and enjoying a delectable cow & cheese sandwich from my local BK lounge, when ...2011.06.27 08:00:00
- Edited by: Kavu on 26/06/2011 16:03:47 more like IM MAD BRO'S ...2011.06.26 16:02:00
- Haha you got ripped off, the rest of Eve got them for 1.2b U stole mah thunder GTFOalso CCP = Blizza ...2011.06.26 05:17:00
- I would go, but im hiding right now ...2011.06.26 03:03:00
- That is a substantial sum, I am going to need to be paid upfront for this bounty its the only way ...2011.06.26 03:01:00
- A man walks into a bar and order a pint. The barman says "that will be fifteen dollars". "Fifteen do ...2011.06.25 16:12:00
- So the recruitment channel gets moderated by GM Horse yesterday due to all the protests. The moment ...2011.06.25 15:58:00
- I have a large ego, I therefore will not be reading your "newsletter" unless I or my corp is mentio ...2011.06.25 15:54:00
- If what HYDRA and Outbreak. participants say is accurate about being one and the same team, this mea ...2011.06.21 13:43:00
- There is a simple solution for everyone. Those who hated the final getting spoiled by idiots, just ...2011.06.21 13:37:00
- m8m8m8m8m8m8, we need more postings from u ...2011.06.20 13:52:00
- M8 U WANNA 1V1 4 HONOUR>???? I would say yes, because I don't really expect someone who needs to ri ...2011.06.20 08:47:00
- you guys are just jealous that im in hydra and you are not.also we won. (resubbed after 2yrs just f ...2011.06.20 08:35:00

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