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- This is actually more common than you might think and many folk with no brains at all go on to have ...2011.02.15 18:22:00
- 48? sounds about right for a daily mail reader! ...2011.02.10 13:48:00
- I was not going to get it. I just now found out the Imperial Guard are in it. I have reconsidered. ...2011.02.02 09:57:00
- Phase out the array of crappy ones. ...2011.02.02 07:48:00
- I don't mine but do use the in-game browser to view the BBC and Al Jazeera etc. Although I'm not sur ...2011.02.01 18:56:00
- If you've pre-ordered it, or have registered on the community website by the 25th, you'll have acces ...2011.02.01 15:47:00
- Edited by: Irida Mershkov on 31/01/2011 12:24:32 I recently got one of these: ...2011.01.31 12:24:00
- Dead Space games aren't scary, they're games with panic and tension moments, not full out fear. Any ...2011.01.27 12:33:00
- Best bit of this game is Isaac swearing like a Liverpudlian when you start hammering the stomp butto ...2011.01.27 00:48:00
- Blame the crappy Minmatar stations that are way too close to suns. ...2011.01.25 09:24:00
- now since announced, Dust hasn't had much of anything discussed. there was a demo played, but not mu ...2011.01.25 08:23:00
- /waves What's with the ginger strip? Go-faster stripe Haha, fair do's. ...2011.01.24 18:38:00
- /waves What's with the ginger strip? ...2011.01.24 15:04:00
- My character does not look Intaki.This is awesome. ...2011.01.19 17:13:00
- Edited by: Irida Mershkov on 16/01/2011 18:59:36 Edited by: Malcanis on 14/01/2011 21:59:29 Is he ...2011.01.16 18:54:00

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