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- Edited by: Gemberkoekje on 28/05/2009 22:51:19 Hi,I looked through the forums and couldn't find the ...2009.05.28 22:46:00
- Buyout accepted, Auction closed. ...2009.05.27 22:22:00
- I'm intrested by your char please come ingameOnly saw your reply just now, please contact me or my a ...2009.05.26 21:23:00
- Edited by: Gemberkoekje on 26/05/2009 04:00:33 Edited by: Gemberkoekje on 26/05/2009 03:49:50 I's ...2009.05.26 03:45:00
- Join EDF! Free cake for new inductees! ...2009.03.06 13:43:00
- Does anyone know if I can access the EVE API Key thing, and if yes where I can find it? thx! ...2009.02.19 17:37:00
- Correct me if I'm wrong, but the way CCP used to detect the cheaters only detected those who were ac ...2009.02.19 09:14:00
- "A new player has no idea what the attributes means and, as many of you probably have done, assigned ...2009.02.19 08:58:00
- When is WIS supposed to go live? I thought it was coming in March?It's the carrot to keep us longing ...2009.02.14 19:33:00
- Hey guys,I just tried to update my singularity client in-game, but it gave a failed checksum error. ...2009.02.14 14:27:00
- Will it allow for multicharacter queuing?e.g. I want to train some quick trading skills on my alt, t ...2009.02.05 11:36:00
- $ch = curl_init(); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_URL, " ...2008.12.16 13:22:00
- I think contract data is a form of market... They don't want to influence the market, i think this i ...2008.12.16 13:15:00
- I vote for ARMAGEDDON DAY on SingularityNo, wait, make that ARMAGEDDON WEEK or ARMAGEDDON 2 MONTHS s ...2008.10.28 18:29:00
- Edited by: Neonemesis on 28/10/2008 18:23:30 /me makes another "omg my drake panic" postIf this kee ...2008.10.28 18:25:00

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