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- Name: Issalzul Race: Sebesitor Minmatar Occupation: Industrialist with a taste for combat Hobbies ...2007.01.02 19:47:00
- Quite simply, when i'm in a gang I can warp my gang to the mission gate/beacon/whatever but when I c ...2006.12.06 07:57:00
- Didn't mention this in the other post but I have noticed less random junk (small shield booster off ...2006.12.03 09:09:00
- Edited by: Issalzul on 03/12/2006 09:05:25 Loot's been reduced a bit at my end, but nothing shockin ...2006.12.03 09:04:00
- Edited by: Issalzul on 01/12/2006 22:18:28 Edited by: Issalzul on 01/12/2006 21:07:31 lv4 In the M ...2006.12.01 21:07:00
- Isk sent for numebrs 37 and 47 woo ...2006.05.23 18:02:00
- First, this rules. It's awesome. Running it at work right now and got very little complaints about ...2006.05.15 20:47:00
- o.o Wow, i'm nto a fan of the Heron but holy crap!...Battleship? *squees like a little girl* ...2006.04.24 15:11:00
- In combat, yes.If you see a ship repairing another in combat, what are you going to target? ...2006.03.20 16:02:00
- Infiltrated outposts is the best mission ever. Two of those runs and I can practically build a BS.A ...2006.03.14 16:20:00
- I had the dorne issue before today's patch too. Two would go off and fight something else randomly. ...2006.03.09 17:54:00
- I didn't have a problem with silence the informant lv4, but I kept a very close eye on my drones in ...2006.03.06 15:57:00
- Dunno, drones are working fine at my end. They MWD right back to the hanger when I tell them too, d ...2006.03.03 18:17:00
- They pretty much stadardiszed (oh god, corporate-speak!) all the icons for the ships now. Clear you ...2006.03.03 18:15:00
- Edited by: Issalzul on 03/03/2006 17:56:03 It's a toughie. The big things to worry in this are Zor ...2006.03.03 17:54:00

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