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- they should give them a high slot refinery to refine ore and allow people to dock and such like a mo ...2009.09.17 03:05:00
- 2x gtc for val amon ...2009.07.30 23:11:00
- one for me ...2009.07.02 18:20:00
- 1 for val amon ...2009.05.21 01:52:00
- Sweet than I sell this char and not get made fun of for having the same cha as percep. ...2009.02.07 16:25:00
- In order to help your followers recoup from their campaign in Bleak Lands we would also like 3 bha ...2009.02.07 04:26:00
- Removed. NavigatorIs being in this picture the equivalant to jumping your titan into a pile of hicto ...2009.01.27 01:37:00
- Edited by: SeeSeePee banstick on 25/01/2009 20:59:41 HANG ON JUST ONE MINUTE THERE!!!!!So your sayi ...2009.01.25 23:34:00
- The things you can do and the professions you can have in eve make this the greatest game ever. Thi ...2009.01.24 14:33:00
- Werent the JV team just sent to fountain to keep PL from killing titans across the universe? ...2009.01.20 18:58:00
- Is this the thread where i whine about all the mins i mined and gave a cut to the station and am sti ...2009.01.15 23:50:00
- I'm back too qd but my k/d is **** atm ...2009.01.15 04:26:00
- Or how about the overheat green thingy flashes orange like mods do so you know when you need to hit ...2009.01.13 04:20:00
- I dont think you can remotly. Rather than undocking and self destructing you can autopilot afk and ...2008.12.22 14:03:00
- needs moar eXtas tbh Hes too busy trying to get on his 30,000th killmail. ...2008.12.09 18:47:00

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