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- Azgard Majik,8,13,-15,20,31,35,67,-86,116 ...2011.07.26 12:15:00
- Was a pleasure. ...2011.07.16 09:37:00
- It was either Space Commies, Space Bible Bashers, Space Indians with Flying Scaffolding, or Space Fr ...2011.07.01 13:08:00
- I chose Gallente because I liked the look of their titan over the other races'...after playing the g ...2011.07.01 12:56:00
- X ...2011.06.25 09:28:00
- Erm...good job we do not play this game for useless gifts. We play it because 0.0 rocks!! ...2011.05.06 08:02:00
- Even Sony are not this vague when communicating with its customers. Please answer us CCP. ...2011.05.03 13:09:00
- This will add nothing to the game just like Incursion, Tyrannis and Dominion.Sorry but is true. ...2011.04.30 18:39:00
- Are CCP even gonna repay alliances for all the systems upgrades? ...2011.04.30 18:36:00
- As CCP have not answered my petition could someone please tell me how to log back into the game? Wa ...2011.03.18 00:07:00
- Like it. ...2011.02.28 14:15:00
- Cheers for fixing the Domi and love the sun graphics. Insurance is now a waste of time though. On ...2010.05.27 13:11:00
- Can't even get the link to work for the Sisi patch. Any suggestions? ...2010.05.21 19:27:00
- Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.Best trailer yet and yes, it's not in-game footage. So what!I love ...2010.05.07 12:07:00
- I'm at the end of the 'Crash Course' traning quide and have accepted a mission to mine an asteroid f ...2009.05.16 13:34:00

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