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- Might I suggest posting this in the reactivation sticky thread? ...2010.08.20 16:08:00
- Proxy is not alone in his predicament... ...2010.08.20 14:05:00
- Be careful what you wish do realise that this patch,(when it is finally released), will ...2010.08.11 10:12:00
- I thought it was Dominion that stuffed eve...not Tyrannis? ...2010.07.29 14:01:00
- ok...I ran repair.exe and now can log-on ...2010.07.21 13:21:00
- How, pray tell, did you even manage to log-on to sisi today???? ...2010.07.21 13:12:00
- The only feature that Incarna requires in order to be a massive a view screen that le ...2010.07.21 13:02:00
- Is it true that if you eject from a T3 before it 'splodes, you don't lose a skill level? ...2010.07.20 16:05:00
- Edited by: Drenan on 20/07/2010 15:31:44 Edit 2...ok i fell for the troll... ...2010.07.20 15:25:00
- We're aware.Are we aware of an ETA for the return of sisi? ...2010.07.20 14:55:00
- Try looking at your skills on sisi? Mirror was taken on June 4th (approx) and applied on June 18. ...2010.07.04 09:18:00
- 1. Remove learning skills2. Remove existing learning-skill points from player attributes.3. Refund m ...2010.07.03 09:10:00
- The "learning skills were a mistake" comment was made by CCP's marketing director during an eve-tv s ...2010.07.02 18:39:00
- I've also heard of a more direct quote where they've been outright called a "mistake", which at le ...2010.07.02 18:18:00
- I recently lost Recon Ships V due to not having a clone updated.It hurt. A lot.Keep it in game.Hmm.. ...2010.06.30 20:10:00

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