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- In the first year of Eve I kept myself in the markets and made some money as my character train. No ...2011.06.17 21:18:00
- 5% here, 3% there, 500k skillpoint there.....And all of it have tiny, tiny influence on game play ex ...2011.06.17 20:55:00
- Edited by: Hennata on 27/04/2011 04:57:08 If a trading strategy is "so successful", it wouldn't be ...2011.04.27 04:56:00
- 2.II Broadcast changes: Simply put, more types of broadcast information should be displayable on ...2011.04.24 21:39:00
- Desired Result: Because your own movement have no effect on your one damage output while you can ...2011.04.24 21:36:00
- There is three path to military strength. One is numbers, two is equipment and three is skill. Mos ...2011.04.24 21:34:00
- Guys, I've just fond my pod-restricted life, with complete reliance on teleoperation, limiting. The ...2010.10.08 02:34:00
- Its god knows how many years into the future and I can't get a proper face lift or a boob job? What ...2010.10.06 05:02:00
- 99.99% of PvE is figuring out a risk free way to gain rewards, since it usually means the highest re ...2010.09.29 16:49:00
- The current set of low sec PvE rewards is very limiting, not in value, but in numbers of players it ...2010.09.27 00:02:00
- Consider the standard PVE operation with a powerblock. Lets say 400 pilots operating at once in a n ...2010.09.25 18:18:00
- Most highsec carebear I know don't mind losing a set of +3s (not that you'd lose them in low) and a ...2010.09.25 01:08:00
- People keep repeating the same old argument: "If you buff lowsec rewards, power blocks would come." ...2010.09.24 22:51:00
- With all the drake armies running around, is dedicated shield repping carriers useful as opposed to ...2010.09.24 21:47:00
- This sounds like a match made only in the spiky madness of sansha followers.Shield tanks vs Armor ta ...2010.09.10 22:24:00

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