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- Thirded, I kind of enjoy the safety of these old ugly beast forums. ...2011.04.09 23:38:00
- Edited by: Kaber Jost on 27/06/2008 02:15:21 I usually use my Windows machine to run Eve but use my ...2008.06.27 02:10:00
- Apparently being on Page 3 means it was dead so don't touch the thread anymore. Except that all the ...2008.06.22 22:27:00
- 1. Do you know what the In Game Browser (IGB) is? Yes2. How often do you use the IGB? Maybe once e ...2008.06.22 21:33:00
- So don't use it. It's that simple. ...2008.06.11 22:32:00
- Don't care who is at fault, just know CCP need to find someway to minimize node crashes. One of the ...2007.02.21 23:32:00

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