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- igxprd32 error BSOD I have a Vostro 1400 Dell laptop running Windows XP SP3, Intel Core 2 Duo, 2 gi ...2009.12.10 15:10:00
- So... Empire has grown more dangerous in the past few months I've been away? Kewl beans awesome! ...2009.11.04 16:23:00
- In three years of on and off play, I still haven't keel'd anyone. I suxxors. Does that make me a c ...2009.11.04 16:18:00
- Sometimes its not about ISK profit... *FUN* has its own currency. And blowing your ship to bits was ...2009.11.02 21:05:00
- So, I guess the term "fresh meat" is right out?That's actually better then rookie, it doesn't imply ...2009.07.20 15:20:00
- Funny thing about physical age of players in MMOs... it has little to do with the level of maturity ...2009.07.09 02:13:00
- Just because I am not interested in some basement dwellers personal megalomania based wet dream shou ...2009.06.30 15:37:00
- I've always thought that there is more to learn about the revisionists from the revisionists then th ...2009.06.29 19:36:00
- I'm in Dallas area too. Would love to get some kind of monthly weekend LAN party going (not at my p ...2009.06.29 17:11:00
- Sent one to Hexwalker for 700,000,000. ...2009.06.26 20:09:00
- Don't you know... If you don't treat your hamsters right they is just gonna be really slow about p ...2009.06.18 19:37:00
- Kewl beans awesome... Happy birthday!It my birthday in 26 days or something... I'll be 41. I've mad ...2009.06.18 15:57:00
- Well if any alliance needs to "pad" their population with a very casual high sec missioning carebe ...2009.06.18 15:35:00
- Like spawning a NPC (or ISD event team) capital fleet, 3 remote-repairing carriers and 1 titan somew ...2009.06.18 15:32:00
- I learned a long time ago that statistics are almost meaningless. Even side by side comparisons u ...2009.06.16 21:33:00

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