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- Proxy restrictions...!! Will it be too difficult to include character skill import from xml? I alre ...2010.09.30 21:25:00
- Edited by: Vilth Wiben on 22/09/2009 12:25:54 Ok, awsome new ships(bs's), really fantastic. The c ...2009.09.22 12:25:00
- Just wondering if you are going make it easier for proxy authentication... perhaps there is a work a ...2008.03.27 22:26:00
- Ok, this is my 10 cents...I've been very frustrated and swore high and low at CCP for giving us this ...2007.12.14 03:58:00
- Thanx Ninja, I did find however (duh!) that in my search for the Cache folder, I was not able to see ...2007.11.25 23:33:00
- OK, so I see there are already some posts about it... ...2007.11.24 20:31:00
- Why does EVE not just work? Can't the program tell you that there is something wrong with your PC?Fo ...2007.11.24 20:01:00
- So, who wants the ability to train one extra skill at $3 (or so) extra per month? CCP, please, PLEA ...2007.11.16 03:31:00
- Thanx, you were right. I un-installed The radeon and it's software and using my Nvidia instead. No p ...2007.09.25 21:45:00
- Yup, Windows restarts while I'm playing EVE, only while playing EVE. It has only started to happen ...2007.09.20 09:57:00
- I am not sure what 'nodecrashes' are, but I do agree that having the ability to change your charact ...2007.09.11 23:36:00

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