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- Free Kittenz would definitely be niceAnd wouldn't ponies be good for in-station travel, rather then ...2011.04.02 14:21:00
- we concur and internally are looking to implement a slider instead of 4 generic deposit options so y ...2010.07.03 21:12:00
- Support the hamsterz !!! ...2010.06.20 20:23:00
- If the root is from Latin, then a feasible, and pronouncable, plural would be "Tyrannes" ...2010.06.20 15:16:00
- May I just say, in addition to my earlier comment, that when my machine seized during Phase 3 of loa ...2010.05.30 12:02:00
- Patch downloaded fine (so far) & much faster than previous ones. Visuals look nice and haver bought ...2010.05.26 21:04:00
- First time I have visited this forum to get some info about server status and all I see is one threa ...2010.05.26 16:39:00
- ReQuote from other thread: CCP can you PLEASE set the default EVEGate shared access to NO PILOTS!En ...2010.05.24 18:15:00
- Your point is good, I see a 'new' client too :) & CCP's current openings list supports your guess:T ...2010.04.14 17:24:00
- IMHO, if they're not scheduling this till *next* winter at the earliest (that is, 18 months' time), ...2010.03.24 17:52:00
- I had the impression that, along with the silos, there was a structure named "Thorak's something-or- ...2009.11.02 06:27:00
- Have you tried fitting long-range weapons and then firing at them from outside scrambler/webber rang ...2009.08.19 17:28:00
- Just downloaded patch -- which *appears* to build correctly, but when I go in, I can't access "ships ...2009.05.19 15:59:00
- May I just say, "Thank you"Doubtless, when all the details are out, and it gets implemented, there w ...2009.02.04 18:00:00
- This makes a lot of sense -- especially once the game extends to planet-side action, like the slaver ...2008.11.24 21:29:00

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