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- LinkageSkip to 9:50 Pwnd So it took God over a year to get his act together? Figures, he could't ...2008.06.23 18:44:00
- I'd eat a vegetarian. ...2008.06.21 23:32:00
- I once made a female monk char in guild wars called lola ferrari what a bad idea that was What ha ...2008.06.21 20:16:00
- It's a 2 way street however, the public should also have the right to access all conversations bet ...2008.06.20 13:06:00
- In this day and age it's a requirement to monitor communications IMO.I have no problems with a gover ...2008.06.20 12:45:00
- Sometimes I read about the gun situation in the U.S. and I start to laugh... ...then I remember we s ...2008.06.20 03:34:00
- I propose that the OP be flogged with a poisonous snake. ...2008.06.12 19:13:00
- hey guys I hear onyxia is deep breathing more ...2008.06.12 12:15:00
- You know you play too much EVE when.... make "You know you play too much EVE" threads. ...2008.06.12 12:05:00
- Yes ...2008.06.12 07:54:00
- So... where do you usually mission? I ask purely to make conversation. ...2008.06.11 12:03:00
- The fair solution would be to disable local as an intel source. ...2008.06.11 06:10:00
- Who the **** should care about some random dude killing a random hulk pilot?This kind of post is for ...2008.06.11 06:01:00
- Just turn on your cloakProblem solved ...2008.06.10 23:03:00
- This is something I've been thinking about for a long time.Maybe not remove them entirely, but rewor ...2008.06.10 21:55:00

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