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- Motherships and titans should be dockable as with all ships so they aren't tombs for characters, or ...2009.05.02 08:37:00
- Another plus to having a Blackops Cloak function like this is the ship's use in Fleets. Being able t ...2009.04.27 00:29:00
- I haven't realy looked into black ops ships. Do they not get used much in their intended roll? Well ...2009.04.25 23:23:00
- Just wow. ...2009.04.25 22:40:00
- Edited by: Aramova on 25/04/2009 21:24:13 Two ideas that would provide high-sec players a unique pl ...2009.04.25 21:21:00
- Edited by: Aramova on 25/04/2009 20:30:15 I confirm that Abram is a honorable and trustworthy playe ...2009.04.25 20:30:00
- You didnt get a "your idea sucks" reply because CCP doesnt read or care about out of the office idea ...2009.04.16 18:29:00
- Kind of disappointed that I didn't even get a "that idea sucks!" reply. Some creative feedback thoug ...2009.04.13 07:57:00
- Let's take the script idea to another level while looking at the Blackops. A BlackOps Cloak, it woul ...2009.04.10 01:24:00
- Edited by: Aramova on 10/04/2009 01:16:02 Loving the changes! ...2009.04.09 14:48:00
- Try to right click the Eve icon, properties, computability, disable visual themes and disable displa ...2009.02.16 01:37:00
- Sad that such a promising ship class ends up such a pile of ****. There was no shortage of suggestio ...2009.02.15 21:31:00
- Edited by: Aramova on 10/02/2009 08:19:31 I'm also running Vista Ultimate x64, although I'm running ...2009.02.10 08:19:00
- All that aside, I would like an official update on the status of Blackops changes, these have been o ...2009.02.10 08:14:00
- NyxFollowed by the Eidolon ...2009.01.22 08:29:00

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