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- I got a rather nifty idea for this. A few people have seen the structures in agent missions and such ...2005.05.01 01:57:00
- I really don't know why you seem to think that every 0.4 to 0.1 system has a gate ganking fleet at i ...2005.04.27 20:40:00
- Sounds like a good idea to me, but if you're webified and you don't know it; I'm sorry, but you dese ...2005.04.14 15:50:00
- This has been posted umpteen-bazillion times and every time I see one of these threads I throw my su ...2005.04.14 15:38:00
- How about a way to select which hanger the refinery is using? Could make it alot easier to refine or ...2005.04.14 15:35:00
- It makes sense to me. Let the players handle policing instead of the nigh-immortal Concord.It's not ...2005.03.31 18:17:00
- Dont dis quela shes wickedEnough with the alts already. ...2005.03.29 18:37:00
- Lab, factory, and office slots are all being doubled some point soon. ...2005.03.29 18:29:00
- Makes sense to me. Could save a bit of time, and helpful for some of us that forget that little deta ...2005.03.29 17:31:00
- It used to do that. I have no idea why that ever changed. ...2005.03.24 05:52:00
- Actually I think they fixed the gun thing. I usually don't see my turrets pop up on my ship unless I ...2005.03.24 05:24:00
- Seems like a good idea to me. ...2005.03.24 05:06:00
- My anti-ore thief device: a Siege Launcher. Although I mine in a 0.2, or at least I was, now I'm ou ...2005.02.01 19:46:00
- What I find amusing is their 8 Ravens by some freak force of nature couldn't manage to blow my frien ...2005.01.05 06:46:00
- If your frig gets hit by a smart bomb, the reload time is around 30secs, Try more like 8 seconds for ...2005.01.05 05:24:00

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