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- \O/ ...2011.04.07 13:41:00
- It's all psychological. If you say DT if from X-Y. Then hot dammit make that Y deadline. If you k ...2011.04.07 13:26:00
- I had the same problem when I lost my first Raven, but I was not fitting it correctly. What are you ...2011.04.07 12:39:00
- Mine is a Meta 4. . . get it. . . . (metaphor) ...2011.03.30 20:18:00
- Wow, the scams are coming to the threads now. Send me 200mil and I will give you a tengu. . . onc ...2011.03.30 20:15:00
- It's scary that I don't see Electronics or Engineering on this list. These skills are gold and you ...2011.03.30 17:02:00
- 0/10...Don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.THIS ...2011.02.01 13:01:00
- YOU GOTTA BE SH*TIN' ME. Remove all loot drops. Wow troll successful. You mine veldspar all day d ...2011.01.13 23:37:00
- Never maxed out the learning skills but this is what I spent it on:Cruise Missiles V (hurray!) Cald ...2010.12.15 20:37:00
- Edited by: Lysander Kaldenn on 06/12/2010 04:45:44 Not true :) Yes, there is no big deal for older ...2010.12.06 05:35:00
- Wow - Troll Successful. I can't wait to read this after a few days. Get your bottle out for the te ...2010.12.02 16:15:00
- OMFG. You know, CCP is "adapting" too. This is how I like to see it. Learning skills suck, and ye ...2010.12.02 16:04:00
- Regarding SP per hour:Would it be possible to have age brackets for this stat? Obviously the vet pl ...2010.11.18 13:18:00
- I couldn't let yet another learning skill emo thread pass me by. OK. . . Learning skills and this g ...2010.11.16 22:42:00
- This thread totally kicks ass. Reading it makes me want to go out and pop a Hulk and sell him back ...2010.11.05 19:10:00

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