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- Dreads have one purpose these days and thats the initial reinforcement of a POS.Dropped with no warn ...2010.08.31 17:39:00
- Spidertanking supers won't work, they simply doesn't have the cap to sustain it. ...2010.08.31 01:25:00
- When you say Tank 50 dreads... (300,000dps according to above poster)Do you mean actively repairing ...2010.08.30 18:56:00
- The volley damage for supers is around 120k with max skills and no DCU's. 150k for Nyx.Also, my Aeon ...2010.08.30 15:23:00
- Fit is fine as is. However, I don't like the second explosive hardener. I would use another EANM if ...2010.08.26 14:38:00
- Missing remote ECM burst for epic KM wh*rage (it's actually p useful as well).I'd swap out the 2nd e ...2010.08.25 18:57:00
- Edited by: El Liptonez on 23/08/2010 14:51:42 Edited by: El Liptonez on 23/08/2010 14:51:20 Clearl ...2010.08.23 15:06:00
- Dont really need the remote repping skills to fly a supercap. ...2010.08.10 13:41:00
- Navy geddon is your answer. If fighting EM/thermal weak rats, amarr ships are way better. The raven ...2010.08.08 22:28:00
- Don't really need all that tracking, HPL II tracks just fine without TE's. Also, never fly without p ...2010.08.07 23:39:00
- Shield Ishtar tanks more in EFT, but in practice, armor tank is supperior because of the lower signa ...2010.08.07 23:30:00
- This is not true. The significant resists difference between Invuln fields and EANMs mean that shiel ...2010.08.06 20:50:00
- Basically, the Legion is a better Zealot, and it is awesome for armor hac fleets. None of the other ...2010.07.30 13:24:00
- Theres really no need to put up dps figures etc. Moros is better than Phoenix. ...2010.07.26 13:16:00
- I never roll without ECM drones, except when im in a vaga.For my Harb and Astarte, i use medium ecm ...2010.07.26 08:48:00

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