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- I am back in the game after a stop for 7months. I am looking for mainly a pirate corp there has to ...2010.07.11 10:08:00
- Itīs a good group of guys to fly with. So i can recommend to give us a try ...2009.11.21 21:52:00
- We are still looking for pirates ...2009.10.23 10:31:00
- To the top we are still looking ...2009.10.22 10:14:00
- Try and convo me when you are online and we can have a talk. ...2009.10.21 10:48:00
- Edited by: Kira Dax on 20/10/2009 22:52:26 Gypsy Corsairs is a medium sized pirate corp resided in ...2009.10.20 22:38:00
- SP is not a problem i got all bsīs on lvl 5 and i can use all the tech II weapons and all gunnery sk ...2009.04.28 11:59:00
- I know marauders are good but if you read what i wrote. i asked about BS. and now we are at it is ju ...2009.04.28 10:54:00
- Edited by: Kira Dax on 28/04/2009 10:27:39 What is the best ship for lvl 4 and what fitting you guy ...2009.04.28 10:22:00
- bump ...2009.04.17 07:33:00
- thanks for offers let more come while i consider ...2009.04.11 03:55:00
- Edited by: Kira Dax on 17/04/2009 07:24:19 I am a mature player in eve and i have 81mill sp My skil ...2009.04.10 17:10:00
- Well remember that i live in china and that time zone dont really work well with danish people. bes ...2009.03.21 06:52:00
- thumbs up for Larc ...2009.03.21 03:52:00
- First abit about my self I am 27 years old danish guy but living in china with my wife. I am a mat ...2009.03.21 03:22:00

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