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- are you looking for a nyx pilot or someone who "can" fly a nyx? ...2011.06.03 11:11:00
- sold. ...2011.03.19 20:16:00
- Edited by: ceyriot on 19/03/2011 19:49:05Exactly as title says, comes with everything you see below, ...2011.03.19 08:32:00
- am interested if you can move it to a different system? ...2011.02.24 07:29:00
- Edited by: ceyriot on 12/02/2011 14:51:42 Alright, my two cents on this topic.I believe most of the ...2011.02.12 14:50:00
- Bring more friends in bigger ships than they have. Also jump an onyx in first. ...2011.02.12 14:33:00
- I hear Predator Elite and Eran Mintor are pretty good FC- oh wait. They're just 'primary.' Never min ...2011.02.12 14:31:00
- Personally, I marauders for missions. I used to use a dual-rep domi, only had a problem with tanking ...2011.02.12 14:28:00
- I personally support the griefing of any and all carebears. This is a sad, sad day for my colleagues ...2011.02.12 14:06:00
- Hey, this isn't in the known issues so I'll post it here.I love the new group weapons button, its us ...2011.01.19 11:19:00
- Today, we have been dec'd by an entire alliance - Two Inch Terror. We're like, terribad so i dont ev ...2010.10.29 07:09:00
- Edited by: ceyriot on 01/10/2010 10:54:38Hey, and welcome to my thread. I have a story to share, and ...2010.10.01 10:40:00
- Yeah, that kestrel is legit. And C&P has died a bit, I'm slowly trying to get back into the forums a ...2010.09.28 11:51:00
- not a bad idea, ill go with it. ...2010.08.26 02:58:00
- Yes...fix the issues that you already know are there please ...2010.07.22 20:31:00

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