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- Edited by: Thrus on 25/01/2011 22:15:37 I'm looking to move out to 0.0 full time. In the past I hav ...2011.01.25 22:01:00
- Edited by: Thrus on 20/08/2010 16:26:19 Nelios, thanks for the information. However I don't think I ...2010.08.20 16:26:00
- Well to get a few things out right away. Iím not looking for a corp that is expecting me to PvP a lo ...2010.08.20 15:44:00
- just to update i found a home thank you everone that looked or sent me a mail. ...2010.02.21 03:16:00
- About me: I have a large variety of skills and am a jack of all trades type. I like to joke around ...2010.02.21 01:52:00
- Congrats on how things are going for you Startupaholic. I'll be bring two researching characters to ...2008.10.27 16:10:00
- yes, I could offer more then 10% but then I would have to keep the stock/bond open longer in order t ...2008.01.04 21:22:00
- My understanding is that you can not cloak while locked. so if they lock you you won't be able to re ...2008.01.04 16:34:00
- I'm working on an idea for a profitable expansion of my current passive income activities. However d ...2008.01.04 14:43:00
- Edited by: Thrus on 04/01/2008 12:56:08 stuff I saidT2 items are constructed out of, among other th ...2008.01.04 12:56:00
- I have offered to try and assist you. But I need to know some information as to exactly what you are ...2008.01.04 03:25:00
- Edited by: Thrus on 02/01/2008 18:26:56 close. unless attached to the people in your corp form your ...2008.01.02 18:26:00
- torps are the PvP weapon of the two Cruise are PvE weapon of the twooh and by the way even with cra ...2007.12.31 17:43:00
- I can't offer one directly to you but may be able to work with getting one made up for you if you ar ...2007.12.31 15:07:00

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