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- Ah seems the server is down again rofl. ...2009.03.07 18:30:00
- Had same problem, Made a shortcut and put in the address for singularity, It now says connecting to ...2009.03.07 18:28:00
- 2.5 BO ...2009.03.03 22:16:00
- Was all updated and just finished downloading the 2gb patch and it was checking files when the power ...2009.03.02 21:27:00
- 2b ...2009.02.25 23:47:00
- I haven't gone through all pages, I like the save fittings tool and being able to have fittings for ...2009.02.22 21:57:00
- Edited by: Zoiewu on 22/02/2009 19:20:47 Did the character get sold? I'm interested. ...2009.02.22 19:20:00
- Make disbanding an Alliance require a vote by all directors and shareholdes of the executor corp jus ...2009.02.06 01:22:00
- Awesome, 24hr is enough for those skills that need changing every 1hr or so. ...2009.02.05 04:50:00
- Edited by: Zoiewu on 27/01/2009 19:31:53 Nice. However No-Sov = Crap. It would be a hellava lot mor ...2009.01.27 19:31:00
- Surely people can still enter the wormhole if somebody is stuck inside and rescue them with probes o ...2009.01.27 16:56:00
- Edited by: Zoiewu on 27/01/2009 15:56:35 Haven't read the 25 pages, These are the two things that m ...2009.01.27 15:50:00
- Prices rise and simmer that rule of thumb is redundant, You realise prices will likely rise with add ...2009.01.25 15:03:00
- If you can do better why didn't you sign up as commentator. ...2009.01.24 19:08:00
- I know you don't need the Big alliances to make a good tourny, This year were missing BOB, AAA, TCF, ...2009.01.15 17:57:00

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