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- The lack of a CCP response in this thread is all the answer you need. Loot tables are borked and th ...2011.05.27 14:41:00
- 2014? CCP must think that they can predict the future if they're planning for content releases THRE ...2011.05.10 22:38:00
- I've recently begun work with a new business, Strategic Commerce and Mercantilism. While our profit ...2010.07.12 08:49:00
- One does not simply fly into Jita. ...2010.07.03 04:34:00
- What is this I don't even But no seriously, I don't understand what you're saying. You want trial ...2010.06.30 08:16:00
- Space is vast, empty, and lonely. There are always uses for livestock. ...2010.06.25 07:01:00
- Check your firewall, and also make sure you're patched up to Dominion. ...2010.05.21 06:06:00
- I'd hope so, why not do it. You may be gimping your play, but so whatThat's all well and good, but ...2010.05.21 03:08:00
- Snagged me one ticket, better late than never. ...2010.05.19 22:13:00
- I went to Applebees today and ate fajitas. Then I saw Iron Man 2. I waited until the post-credits ...2010.05.09 08:35:00
- You will cry if CCP doesn't remove the NPC sell orders, while it becomes cheaper to produce POS fuel ...2010.04.25 05:55:00
- Edited by: Barton Foley on 17/04/2010 05:23:43 @ the OP, you're a moron and both your complaint and ...2010.04.17 05:23:00
- Edited by: Barton Foley on 17/04/2010 05:01:30 If you want a flak ship, fly an Assault Missile Cara ...2010.04.17 05:01:00
- Hell with ruling as a tyrant. I want to crack planets. " ...2010.04.17 01:44:00
- For 0.0 sites? I use an Ishtar, passive tanked. I've also used a Raven/Dominix combo with the Domi ...2010.04.02 04:23:00

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