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- Wow, and I will quote (who I think is Mittani). I think its dumb that you can have some guy in a hu ...2011.07.18 17:48:00
- Edited by: clamslayer on 16/07/2011 06:00:43 Edited by: clamslayer on 16/07/2011 05:57:14 A Staff ...2011.07.16 15:34:00
- A Staff of Lightning would be cool. Too bad CCP would charge $200 for it though. ...2011.07.16 05:44:00
- Mineral prices haven't soared or crashed recently, they've had a slow upward slope since alot of mac ...2011.07.16 05:28:00
- I also adapted. I once again evolved from a Golden Goose to an un-subbed player. Have fun CCP. In ca ...2011.07.16 05:25:00
- Tsk tsk tsk... I still don't see how a filthy Minmatard can actually afford a monocle. He obviously ...2011.07.16 04:36:00
- Prices are far, far too low. Anyone who can afford to shell out $15.00 USD/month for a damn computer ...2011.07.16 04:32:00
- Search Google for the name of the mission. Some pages may be cached. Quite a few of them seem to be ...2011.07.16 04:26:00
- In all honesty it's hard enough to seed 0.0 stations with equipment as it is.I'd be all for revampin ...2011.07.16 04:21:00
- OP: I can see you went to a lot of *EFFORT* to ensure to stress your point of the *EFFORT* involved. ...2011.07.14 16:49:00
- And it's very, very discouraging. Why should I keep playing this game? Will you answer me, Fallout, ...2011.07.10 16:58:00
- Edited by: Written Word on 09/07/2011 04:59:19 SeriouslyF*ck you guys. F*ck you for making them ind ...2011.07.09 05:35:00
- Edited by: Ruffio Sepico on 08/07/2011 15:58:08You can already price ships in $ how many plex for a ...2011.07.08 16:48:00
- No matter how many times you trot out the "you can buy them for isk" line, it doesn't change the fac ...2011.07.08 13:23:00
- Wait... did I miss the memo where suddenly CCSparkle Monocle actually did anything the CSM suggested ...2011.07.01 19:38:00

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