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- Edited by: Torothanax on 21/10/2010 08:22:14Welcome to Eve. You don't have to train any skill you d ...2010.10.28 02:54:00
- Abaddon Cyclone (The bus) Dramiel Daredevil Cynabal Prophecy Punisher Hoarder ...2010.10.28 02:40:00
- Maybe we should fix the problems with the current T3 cruisers before introducing more potentially br ...2010.10.24 13:38:00
- I heard CCP is taking learning skills this the truth?We can only hope. One thing about diff ...2010.10.24 13:32:00
- I had the same issue, downloaded the patch from website, worked.Great way to welcome me back. Autopa ...2010.10.24 12:43:00
- Bumping should damage both ships, friend or foe. The bigger the size difference, the more damage to ...2010.10.24 12:38:00
- Edited by: Asunori on 24/10/2010 12:30:51 Dual diode, it has 2 lamps, so you are better able to see ...2010.10.24 12:28:00
- Someone please translate to english. ...2010.10.24 12:07:00
- One idea: Specialized exploration ship. I don't like the t3 cruiser configs.1 special high slot whic ...2010.10.24 12:01:00
- Edited by: Asunori on 24/10/2010 12:06:21 I don't know if this is a bug but... I overheated my aft ...2010.10.24 11:50:00
- To the right off the target list, you have a "crosshair" kind of thing. It is slightly transparent a ...2010.10.24 11:46:00
- ...getting killed...that is the only point lowsec serves. ...2010.10.24 11:39:00
- Have you tried running the game as administrator? Right-clicking shortcut, compatibility-tab, run as ...2010.10.23 00:35:00
- It didn't start automatically for me, I clicked on patch notes and then it started. ...2010.01.21 16:55:00
- Edited by: Asunori on 28/07/2009 16:10:14 That it is all about the ISK, nothing else.And of coz the ...2009.07.28 16:05:00

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