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- truncated content ...2011.06.22 13:53:00
- i have mining foreman 5, mining director 3. i'm fleet booster in a fleet of 5 people. we're all in t ...2009.12.05 06:33:00
- please :) ...2009.12.05 02:50:00
- We're a small group of players looking to find our own little nook in 0.0. we're willing to take par ...2009.12.02 02:46:00
- that's pretty cool, but i just want the stars, not political situations. this is for a wallpaper. ...2009.10.12 16:35:00
- i've spent the last half hour trying to find a simple image / wallpaper of the eve galaxy map to no ...2009.10.12 16:17:00
- well, if you actually read the thread you'd realize it wasn't about breaking even which is what you' ...2009.03.17 00:58:00
- sorry if this is a stupid topic, but i was just reading the mordu's legion chroniclehttp://www.eveon ...2009.03.16 18:22:00
- the thing that really made me start this, was i was tired of hearing people say things to the effect ...2009.03.16 18:14:00
- first of all, ccp sets the price of insurance to make sure that people can't just insure and self-de ...2009.03.16 17:57:00
- jora'h: i think we're arguing two different things here, or you think i'm saying something i'm not. ...2009.03.16 17:45:00
- i'd like to keep factors like distance to a system that has insurance facilities out of this convers ...2009.03.16 16:50:00
- Quit calling insurance "profit" people. Note the definition given above. Insurance merely mitigate ...2009.03.16 16:43:00
- Good scouts are always in demand in PVP gangs/corps. Since you don't get on many killmails, it's not ...2009.03.16 15:57:00
- guys, i said in the first line of the post "assuming you actually lose the ship and it doesn't expir ...2009.03.16 15:23:00

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