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- Pithum C-Type Medium Shield Booster - 325mI can't accept until after 5pm est (-5 GMT) today. Thanks ...2010.11.15 13:53:00
- the cloak analogy is silly because you need to decloak to interact with the game. A cloaked ship can ...2010.11.11 21:12:00
- So my question is..... are WH's only scannable with Combat probes and not core probes?No. ...2010.11.11 17:32:00
- Still looking ...2010.11.11 17:23:00
- Quote for both please ...2010.11.11 17:19:00
- My experience is that the proteus sucks. The drone bandwidth is limited. The tank is solid, but th ...2010.11.11 14:47:00
- First time trying to build a cap. I'd like a price check on your Thanatos BPC pack, as well as ME o ...2010.11.09 18:53:00
- Do Wormhole effects, e.g. cataclysmic variable, affect sleepers as well as, er, us? ...2010.11.03 21:08:00
- Edited by: Donde Esta on 01/11/2010 14:51:02 nm. ...2010.11.01 12:06:00
- Would anyone mind doublechecking these numbers for me: ...2010.10.29 19:07:00
- Quote please ...2010.10.29 18:40:00
- If anyone has time, can you please post the mats on a 9 run, -6me zealot bpc? Just testing out my c ...2010.10.07 15:17:00
- I bet you guys hate answering the same questions over and over...I read even further in the thread a ...2010.10.05 20:36:00
- I read through Matthew's informative post and understand where he's going, but my numbers are not wo ...2010.10.05 19:22:00
- Thanks for the pointer, that logic it makes it a real pain. ...2010.10.05 17:26:00

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