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- May i suggest you apply to Eve University corporation,The quickest, most profitable and most fun way ...2011.09.09 16:20:00
- When you overheat a red bar creeps round the edge of the module icon showing how far you have overhe ...2011.09.08 16:51:00
- Edited by: Ruban Spangler on 08/09/2011 13:33:49 Golem is made for torps no question about it, else ...2011.09.08 13:33:00
- Edited by: Ruban Spangler on 08/09/2011 13:03:16 Iím curious to know what happened to your attacker ...2011.09.08 13:03:00
- Edited by: Ruban Spangler on 08/09/2011 12:33:01 I cant give you figures sorry. EVEMon does have b ...2011.09.08 12:29:00
- I keep hearing that Caldari ships don't pvp wellThey generally don't solo pvp well, but work well (g ...2011.09.04 11:14:00
- Put your skill plan into EVEMON and see what sort of a difference it will make for your chosen skill ...2011.09.03 19:26:00
- Edited by: Ruban Spangler on 25/08/2011 16:59:31 RvB or FW will give you a chance to PVP solo or in ...2011.08.25 16:58:00
- If you are in something slow and are too lazy to swap ships you can shoot the mining headquaters ins ...2011.08.24 07:19:00
- You can salvage any wreck. look up 'ninja salvaging'. You can scan down a missioner and salvage the ...2011.08.24 07:12:00
- Edited by: Ruban Spangler on 20/08/2011 09:10:44 Starting with the cheap/free stuff. Start playing ...2011.08.20 09:10:00
- I want to take out a hulk flying bot in highsec (0.6). Assuming it does not have an expensive tank w ...2011.08.15 05:12:00
- please join the in game BENEGESSERIT channel ...2011.06.16 18:40:00
- Recruiting ...2011.06.14 07:10:00
- Recruiting ...2011.06.12 07:25:00

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