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- two ways that turrets have an innate advantage over missiles:1. turrets can't be countered with defe ...2008.11.14 01:35:00
- It is totally unrealistic that a siege tower can move as fast as a food soldier. Chess really needs ...2008.11.06 13:17:00
- Edited by: Vosk Gorn on 06/11/2008 13:12:26 It the target is stationary, and your turret is on the ...2008.11.06 13:12:00
- What we have in EVe is a forced orbit, one where the ship use constantly thrust to stay within an or ...2008.11.06 13:10:00
- If the turrets physically couldn't keep up them Tracking Computer II would be useless but it has l ...2008.11.06 13:05:00
- You have to wonder what the original design thoughts were. It maybe that you had to pilot your ship ...2008.11.06 13:02:00
- That's not what I heard.Vague post is vague. ...2008.11.06 12:54:00
- This is very true, and always bugged the hell out of me too.For those of you whose brain is melting, ...2008.11.06 12:50:00
- Doubt that will work, plus for some ceptors that would be really be rough. Taranis doesn't really h ...2008.11.06 04:30:00
- I have been doing a ton of testing on sisi because of the web nerf primarily. I always have been a ...2008.11.06 04:10:00
- friendly bump for a friend and descent character ...2008.11.06 01:07:00
- sort of lame, really does make a .4 pos pointless ...2008.11.05 01:19:00
- Well you can certainly probe them :D ...2008.11.05 01:04:00
- So the second poster lied to me? ...2008.11.05 00:31:00
- Its strange because you don't see this very often, not many .4 POS's at all really. ...2008.11.04 23:57:00

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