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- im not to worried about the fact its a ps3 exclusive, what i am worried about is the controller setu ...2011.06.07 12:02:00
- Awright troops, just tae let yae aw know that me an the Gleasga young team, are own oor way tae chib ...2011.01.24 10:46:00
- here's my message to sansha alsoI don't care where you come from if your big or your small, I faug ...2010.12.14 21:15:00
- Edited by: minerdave on 01/12/2010 17:09:31 i have a question what is the name of the exabition hal ...2010.12.01 17:09:00
- Edited by: minerdave on 22/11/2010 17:55:02 can i have this char Price Checkedcheershttp://eveboard ...2010.11.22 17:54:00
- From Scotland from smelly Paisley ...2010.06.17 12:48:00
- its kinda a bum rap for me cos if i do win i wont be able to claim my prize least till the 26th****i ...2010.06.13 22:22:00
- But I got a little tickled at the emergency channel name "Oscar Mike Foxtrot Golf." translated from ...2010.05.25 10:17:00
- Oh god i just heard about the eruption is everything ok over there???I hope nothing bad has happened ...2010.03.24 23:32:00
- For me it would be YES : Homeworldalso i demand an eve video be made to this ...2010.02.10 11:39:00
- only got one thing to say to thatTOUCH THE UNTOUCHABLE BREAK THE UNBREAKABLE ROW! ROW! FIGHT THE ...2010.02.03 13:34:00
- Well done CCP, you just got yourself you very first starwar/trek style hardcore fan. It is the first ...2010.01.12 15:23:00
- You might remember a while ago you used to be able to use more than 5 droneswell they dropped they n ...2009.12.07 19:34:00
- not to sure i like the idea of the daredevil being changed ownership from angel to serph ...2009.10.01 13:43:00
- Eventually we'll probibly get to the point were we can actually go to the milky way which could poss ...2009.03.01 14:53:00

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