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- Hey I'm just callin it like I saw it last night... TEST was only there as cannon fodder for Goons ...2011.07.02 20:51:00
- pve caldari=minmatar=amarr=gallente pvp minmatar>amarr>caldari>gallenteThis is just in general, goi ...2011.06.30 05:58:00
- The vexor works great for this. Damage Control II Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II Energized ...2011.06.27 04:33:00
- This is my exploration fit, change the resists/drones for whatever rats you are killing. for mission ...2011.06.13 01:55:00
- ... the "cannibalization" jockeys had any ounce of truth to their argument (which they don't). Don't ...2011.06.10 02:44:00
- Edited by: Coyote Guyver on 06/06/2011 06:34:35 I wasn't aware there was anyone left in IISL that c ...2011.06.06 07:31:00
- Bipolar disorder much?More like bitroller disorder. ...2011.06.03 17:32:00
- If you can bribe Concord to allow you to fight in high sec with a corp, why can't a corp bribe Conco ...2011.05.31 20:43:00
- Thx op. The tears in this thread made the read worth it. ...2011.05.29 16:35:00
- Edited by: Christine Peeveepeeski on 27/05/2011 20:00:10 I don't get this 'no solo pvp' crap I keep ...2011.05.27 20:25:00
- i have found that guns/lasers in eve are underused and need a huge haul-overY U TROL ME!!?? ...2011.05.20 05:35:00
- I've always thought that having game mechanics which enable profitabe "suicide ganking" was idiotic. ...2011.05.20 05:29:00
- Alright what do you suggest from min? Cane or should i look at going for a hac?Train for the onyx an ...2011.05.17 05:00:00
- Welcome to eve online. People come and go but the whines always stay the same. It WAS lack of organ ...2011.04.24 20:07:00
- Bud Johnson > you cant put a chain on a shurk ...2011.04.23 23:49:00

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