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- The PS3 exclusivity was probably not planned.CCP kinda got ahead of themselves when they promised a ...2011.06.07 21:37:00
- Does this mean we could be seeing better mission variety now that many of the categories have been c ...2011.05.16 13:26:00
- what is the point in the csm if you can not speak for us on changes that are stupidThey can speak, i ...2011.05.10 21:13:00
- Again, you have not told us why this change will increase the chances of this non-consensual pvp t ...2011.05.10 21:02:00
- The CSM have gotten the first peek at a highlevel direction for 0.0, and they seemed pleased. Once t ...2011.05.10 20:33:00
- Edited by: CCP Soundwave on 10/05/2011 20:16:58 In eve, you apparently cannot avoid PVP if you want ...2011.05.10 20:24:00
- CCP believes that there should be no safe places in EVE. While this may be agreed with at face value ...2011.05.10 18:52:00
- I have mixed feelings about the CSM.I have no doubt that CCP gets good feedback from the CSM members ...2011.03.21 15:55:00
- To expand on this, for higher level sites they use multible Tengu's spidertanking to complete them ...2010.12.10 20:16:00
- Your best bet is to wait for the patch and take a look at your options then. The Hawk is more or les ...2010.11.24 16:06:00
- Edited by: Regat Kozovv on 22/11/2010 22:15:42 Here's my setup:(Copied from my PvP setup. With a fe ...2010.11.22 22:15:00
- Good decision here. I think most players will agree that vanity items are fine; but no one wants to ...2010.11.22 18:00:00
- My guardian alt can run her 4 reps for 5+ min and she only got logi 4 atm, a week from logi 5 and ...2010.11.22 17:43:00
- Honestly, Oneiros can be piloted by himself, use all 4 large RRs (with max skills) and still be cap ...2010.11.22 16:39:00
- While there are many good ways to fit a Nighthawk, I can't bring myself to buy one when the Drake wi ...2010.11.22 16:25:00

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