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- Furries. ...2011.03.23 02:33:00
- Edited by: Brizae on 23/03/2011 02:53:14 Discover a star? No, it doesn't quite work like that. Thos ...2011.03.23 02:23:00
- Picard is a carebear.Kirk liked PvP. ...2011.03.23 01:31:00
- More people with implants and no JC would try out PvP. This is true. ...2011.02.25 19:57:00
- Woohoo! Can't wait for Clear Skies III to come out. If I've watched I&II once, I've watched them fif ...2011.02.25 18:28:00
- I could care less about snyping this page. and spelling too I see ...2010.10.05 20:25:00
- What ever you've been smoking, SHARE! ...2010.10.05 19:14:00
- Since probes launch 2002 meters out from your ship (no, seriously, that's the distance) you can just ...2010.09.09 02:10:00
- Clear Skies 1 and 2 count?They sure do count. CCP should hire Ian and his friends to do another one. ...2010.05.04 16:50:00
- I watched the first video here at work with no sound. How the heck was that made? What software was ...2010.05.04 16:37:00
- The possible saving grace will be the U.S. players getting off work in the next 4-7 hours and realiz ...2010.03.23 20:27:00
- you know what the real problem is peoplepeople that are either to stupid or ignorant to accept it fo ...2009.09.01 19:59:00
- Edited by: Brizae on 01/09/2009 19:50:15 You do realize that every time you've ever posted that--al ...2009.09.01 19:49:00
- There is no debating salvaging. It is working as intended. When are you little limp wristed nancy bo ...2009.09.01 16:22:00
- I'm being followed, no matter where i go by the same person, who continually does this over and over ...2009.08.31 00:54:00

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