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- *drags Grr out of retirement*I too had the pleasure of meeting this old enemy of mine for drinks onc ...2011.01.19 13:23:00
- I'm so happy that one of my last posts in IGS is to pay respects for a group I've seen born, watched ...2010.11.30 19:43:00
- Many of you will not know or remember me but this is for those whose lives I have touched in some wa ...2010.11.28 23:51:00
- The Cockroach can live without it's head for an entire week, survive without food for a month and ou ...2010.11.25 15:03:00
- Could be worse... ...2010.11.22 19:35:00
- I'd be more worried for those perpetum devs for them being sued for copyright infringement.I spent a ...2010.11.18 13:31:00
- With some "creative accounting" you could in theory become an affiliate with one of the timecode res ...2010.11.16 13:25:00
- I'm curious Codo as to what you mean by 'true' NRDS. CVA, Star Fraction, Electus Matari, the list g ...2010.10.28 12:14:00
- A great little money maker but not the most "Amarrian" of prints I was considering trading this for ...2010.10.14 22:11:00
- They say you should do what you excel at and admit defeat when defeat is upon you. To do so is a si ...2010.10.14 17:38:00
- Lord Vaari, self-proclaimed Arch-Bishob of the Church of Providence I can promise you Legio Astartes ...2010.09.28 18:06:00
- I'll be honest Codo I love eve exactly the way it is; a cold and harsh universe full of uncaring peo ...2010.09.23 12:29:00
- Complete OOC congratulations here guys, here's to another year :) ...2010.09.20 12:16:00
- I was worried on the formation of Damu'Khonde thinking it would be the shadow of the alliance that U ...2010.09.17 12:12:00
- Still looking. ...2010.08.22 16:31:00

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