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- Just give it a refresh, that should fiphpBB : Critical ErrorError clearing sessions table ...2010.12.10 22:33:00
- Edited by: Sunabi on 20/11/2010 01:02:14 can't you just bake the AC into the texture? whats the pro ...2010.11.20 00:57:00
- Bear in mind most OpenGL tutorials on the Internet are ~10 years old and use very outdated libraries ...2010.11.19 20:00:00
- Aiming to implement ambient occlusion if you haven't even got tutorials to compile really is jumping ...2010.11.19 19:36:00
- Infinity probably.Wait 5 minutes in OOPE and someone will probably start another thread about it... ...2010.10.13 11:58:00
- Same here, neither downloading the patch or downloading the full thing seem to be working at all. Th ...2010.09.07 19:14:00
- 3D animation student here Personally, I'd recommend 3ds Max for what you want to do. It's slightly e ...2010.05.14 21:19:00
- ☃ ...2010.02.03 13:21:00
- I'm glad to hear that it picks up. My sister and I liked the original series but we sort of tailed o ...2010.01.26 04:34:00
- The Onion are the unlikely but accurate prophets of our time.Gods help us ...2010.01.20 14:16:00
- Akinator is pretty cool, but are you sure you're qualified to be using a keyboard? ...2009.12.21 02:10:00
- You seem to miss my type of player and I've bumped into quite a few of us as I travel around."Wait a ...2009.12.15 15:17:00
- Ascendancy.Edited by: xhardxcorex on 13/12/2009 18:04:50 Warhammer 40000: Chaos GateStoryline/graph ...2009.12.14 02:21:00
- i would advise to get a radeon hd 5850 gfx card as it supports direct x 11 and is good for low power ...2009.12.07 09:32:00
- I finally got my own town in M&B the other day I'm playing with entirely Khergit troops so my army' ...2009.11.16 21:06:00

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