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- Not a bad idea. ...2011.04.06 14:34:00
- stuff... All good points but, I still think that having the skills to fly good ships which you wi ...2011.04.05 19:20:00
- Edited by: Johnny Lou on 05/04/2011 18:51:06Eve is a game of skill AND ISK, remove the ISK element a ...2011.04.05 18:44:00
- Edited by: Johnny Lou on 05/04/2011 18:28:15 Edited by: Johnny Lou on 05/04/2011 18:27:55 We shoul ...2011.04.05 18:27:00
- Edited by: Johnny Lou on 05/04/2011 07:54:06 Ummm.. Sorry but I don't like this.First I though you ...2011.04.05 07:46:00
- I'd like to go even further and ask for shortcuts for each type of ammo.This way, when I use a short ...2011.04.04 19:10:00
- tbh I don't think this would solve much "boot-wise" because all they have to do after this is done i ...2011.04.04 18:45:00
- It's fairly long but I assume you are referring to what they said about tractor/salvage drones.Salva ...2011.04.04 18:28:00
- that's exactly why I said "light" drones and why I didn't suggest any drone bonuses which are common ...2011.04.04 16:21:00
- Proposal: LP market. Buy and sell your lp on the open market. Nice! ...2011.04.04 15:28:00
- How about a T2 version of the Noctis?One with better inertia modifier or better rezists, which can a ...2011.04.04 15:25:00
- bump ...2011.04.02 16:12:00
- Edited by: Johnny Lou on 02/04/2011 16:04:01 Can you create remote contracts for items in station w ...2011.04.02 16:04:00
- Okay, to re-iterate further on the ship class restriction system, I intended it work work on a shi ...2011.04.02 15:52:00
- I have no idea why you would want to repeat that, especially since I never said it was Yes you did. ...2011.04.02 15:44:00

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