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- Love thinking out of the box, but keeping a couple of things in mind. 1) Not increase the server tra ...2011.08.26 21:59:00
- Anyone who mixes weapon types/ranges deserves to lose. Min/max, baby.Unfortunatley, the slot layout ...2011.08.26 02:44:00
- Yes, minmatar ships are designed to dictate range, because if they weren't then ACs would be complet ...2011.08.26 00:31:00
- Really the thing that's killing me on this post is the number of people that are screaming mad at th ...2011.08.26 00:03:00
- Great, so an autocannon clone. Please put your rubbish in one of the existing hybrid threadnoughts ...2011.08.22 14:35:00
- In fact I could use econmic theories to say if things stay the same it will force inventor out of th ...2011.08.19 20:55:00
- Not really where I was going with the mission thing.You can already have people do that. Just hop on ...2011.08.19 20:22:00
- The overhead for good T2 BPOs, and the exceptionally long time to make a profit, aren't really good ...2011.08.19 20:11:00
- +1Could have it display on the solar system map, which takes care of the "is it 3D?" issue... or, be ...2011.08.19 18:46:00
- While I seriously doubt devs would respond to this topic (if you have participated in F&I for very l ...2011.08.19 17:25:00
- This wouldn't work as there are lots of coalitions made up of more than just one alliance. You use t ...2011.08.19 16:35:00
- The difference is these "randoms" that are making phone apps are just pulling XML data with API keys ...2011.08.19 16:10:00
- Always glad to help!And my apologies for the jerklyness of my response. I had been digging through a ...2011.08.19 15:47:00
- Create a set of station upgrades which allow for installation of CONCORD agents in player controlled ...2011.08.19 15:21:00
- Edited by: Elder Man on 18/08/2011 17:26:02 If it's too complicated, console players will barf at i ...2011.08.18 18:17:00

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