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- EvE has sound ?? ...2011.06.22 16:46:00
- I use all 4 of my accounts for PvP, including my hauling character. ...2011.06.20 13:03:00
- Not my loss but if you feel bad about one of you're losses this should make you feel better,TQ Adres ...2011.06.20 12:32:00
- I am personally going to be using something along these lines when I rat in null sec with my SB. Bal ...2011.06.19 11:02:00
- That link made me sad ...2011.06.19 04:16:00
- Each to their own I guess, I hunt ratters an miners. Fair fights dont interest me. I fight to win so ...2011.06.19 03:13:00
- I see no reason not to use a bomb launcher. I always have an its never let me down.If your talking a ...2011.06.19 02:40:00
- Because triple-rep setups are meant to have cap issues. Oh god, why did you feed the terribad troll ...2011.06.19 02:00:00
- Actually, scratch that. Would only need a 1% implant with a Gistii B-Type instead of the Coreli with ...2011.06.19 01:49:00
- Edited by: Mutant Miner on 18/06/2011 11:47:24 Edited by: Mutant Miner on 18/06/2011 05:59:06 Edit ...2011.06.18 11:43:00
- Edited by: Mutant Miner on 18/06/2011 05:59:06 Edited by: Chutney Hustler on 17/06/2011 09:27:28 E ...2011.06.18 05:49:00
- Amarr Electronic Systems III Amarr Electronic Systems IV Amarr Electronic Systems V Shield Operat ...2011.04.15 16:11:00
- these boots are made for walken, And thats just what they'll do. One of these days these boots will ...2011.04.15 09:02:00
- I've got some questions for you experienced pirates out there:1) I've never been to nullsec space, a ...2011.04.04 23:16:00
- Dude. I'm worried. I think you need to cut down. Nothing too harsh at first. Try some graded withdra ...2011.03.31 15:01:00

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