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- old goons never die, they just get arrested and sentencedRemoved off topic link - Adida ...2010.02.27 09:19:00
- While you guys are sperging on about goonies and their memes, realize what the OP was bunglingly try ...2010.01.18 07:52:00
- And this would fix the lag how? Prior to Dominion, we were able to have fleet fights with 1k + on ...2010.01.18 04:09:00
- it was the ghost of hurley woooo000oooo0000ooooi hear the server was defecting to clowns ...2010.01.18 03:36:00
- Dear CCP, Speaking for all the pilots who fly in 0.0, i would like to suggest that you roll it back ...2010.01.18 03:22:00
- If only there were some way to anticipate large fleets in a particular system, especially one that w ...2010.01.18 03:10:00
- mad props to the clowns for their first victory in 4 years, let's party! ...2010.01.03 09:08:00
- * I'll be honest, I wasn't there and I don't really know what happened. ...2009.12.11 07:16:00
- what a paper tiger Goon intelligence has become. The most dangerous animal is the tiger that is wo ...2009.10.22 15:36:00
- Edited by: Weddel on 09/10/2009 14:56:26hello goon alt no goon alt, am representing an incredi ...2009.10.19 21:09:00
- Nitor1013Z > altaica, i can give u like 28 mil to cover your loss best part of the chatlog ...2009.10.18 05:11:00
- send more cops ...2009.10.14 21:25:00
- http:// goonfleet killboard dot com ...2009.07.28 13:14:00
- goons really got us here i had to spend 30 minutes repping a tower bobby i quit Evolve or die. ...2009.07.23 19:18:00
- Experimental interesting it is true server is back up ...2009.06.10 20:36:00

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