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- Bump for a great character sad to see him go ...2010.01.23 19:10:00
- Your character Eos Canon has been transferred from account ###### to account #### Your transaction r ...2010.01.23 19:04:00
- Will meet the price - 12B b/o offer.Agreed to offer, will transfer when isk is recieved ...2010.01.23 18:57:00
- I support this type of behavior ...2010.01.23 18:23:00
- Bump to the top ...2010.01.23 00:51:00
- Can you evemail me the API please, also is the remap available?Sorry I have to reject your ingame bu ...2010.01.22 17:52:00
- I like bumps ...2010.01.22 08:07:00
- trollz ...2010.01.22 08:02:00
- Edited by: Eos Canon on 22/01/2010 23:56:11 I have too many alts and I need to trim down to one acc ...2010.01.21 19:08:00
- Wow... there are no words.None at all.oh i'd say there is, something like free decs for the privatee ...2010.01.01 21:39:00
- I would say you need to learn how to gate camp better. Honestly there are pro's and con's to the T3 ...2009.12.04 18:33:00
- lol ur cute. I actually HAVE emailed the CEO, and obviously b/c it's tri/ They dont give a damn.Then ...2009.12.04 17:33:00
- Not sure what your problem might be, since Dominion I have actually had less problems (Faster log in ...2009.12.04 17:03:00
- if one comes our way it will be treated like any other ship, as a targetWell put sir ...2009.12.04 16:57:00
- Edited by: Eos Canon on 04/12/2009 16:50:40 Easy!In gang on a roam in Pure Blind and in the middle ...2009.12.04 16:50:00

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