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- what a waste of time ...2010.01.21 22:59:00
- Congratulations for coming up with a setup to easily pwn the top 1v1 inties... They are pretty much ...2009.12.06 00:24:00
- I think that people tend to forget that t3 is designed to sustain overheating much better than its t ...2009.03.19 19:00:00
- gigablast with bid 3.1B in the leader waiting your bids and please do not flood hereThis is what ti ...2009.03.19 18:41:00
- Cmon CCP, make it worth taking sovereignty and allow people's hangars to be raided if you can take c ...2008.12.02 20:09:00
- Edited by: Isonkon Serikain on 19/11/2008 19:54:40 Also starting your offer with an example of how ...2008.11.19 19:52:00
- Bomb speed 10ms? fuse timer 10 seconds? Yes Yes I endorse this, this man is a genius! Awesome ...2008.11.14 18:47:00
- Edited by: Solid Prefekt on 14/11/2008 17:41:14 Edited by: Solid Prefekt on 14/11/2008 17:40:36Temp ...2008.11.14 18:32:00
- This one is a good investment, wish I was a mogul. ...2008.10.30 20:44:00
- FYI all:The last Tobias Disruptor was owned by me and sold at discount for 5 billion. 6.5 is not a s ...2008.10.30 20:41:00
- allow them to use tII ammo. It would make them much more useful. Currently there's little point in f ...2008.10.29 20:01:00
- After training nearly 70m SP, I find that I am no better off, numbers wise, than a pvp pilot with 30 ...2008.10.29 19:57:00
- I love it how CCP changes the way we play the game every few patches, in the name of balancing. The ...2008.10.29 19:26:00
- Thons: 325m Tobias: 350mContact ingame if interested. Will contract in high-sec. ...2008.10.29 19:15:00
- With the looming nerf on nanos, buyer who are considering buying at this high price should be aware ...2008.10.29 19:13:00

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