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- I like it.I would like to see more regions that look like (a better version of) that mission through ...2011.08.06 11:05:00
- Remove currency from the game? How? To make things clear - it would remove currency from the game if ...2011.08.06 10:22:00
- Leave the annoying dramiel speed alone. It's not too fast, the speed is fine.Just do as others have ...2011.07.25 14:11:00
- Because for years players have been begging for "walking in stations" and complaining, exactly as lo ...2011.06.29 00:04:00
- Well you should definitely biomass.isk and/or monocle don't matter, as long as you stick to the firs ...2011.06.29 00:01:00
- Just got linked here through the newsletter today, whee!I for one think the "cachedUntil" "fix" is, ...2010.10.27 18:15:00
- Better idea, remove all killmails.ThisSigned ...2010.10.17 23:42:00
- Edited by: Lillith Starfire on 16/10/2010 08:59:48 It is quite simple.Plex is created using real $. ...2010.10.17 08:44:00
- Edited by: Ruhige Schmerz on 26/09/2010 17:18:22TSM5 is undeniably worth it if the damage is 'extra' ...2010.09.26 17:17:00
- Missiles only care about absolute velocity.Shows what I know about missiles. I knew they were facero ...2010.09.26 11:22:00
- The reason it's deserted is because of the general attitude of a majority of the people in this game ...2010.09.26 11:13:00
- Edited by: Ruhige Schmerz on 26/09/2010 10:59:30I wonder if the op goes to the police department and ...2010.09.26 10:56:00
- I'm all for the multiples-training-on-one-account, as long a the cost isn't reduced and they allow y ...2010.09.26 10:46:00
- Edited by: Ruhige Schmerz on 26/09/2010 10:32:17 scratch this, munged up calc some. Had TSM4 putti ...2010.09.26 09:30:00
- Hitting 'stop', or changing speed to any setting, does not cause you to lose your invulnerability. ...2010.09.26 04:00:00

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