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- I would propose that this is NOT a Darius alt as Darius would never formulate such an atrocious sent ...2011.08.25 16:47:00
- No. Now your task is to figure out which of your questions my 'no' applies to. ...2011.08.22 18:16:00
- Jesus not this subject again ...2011.08.22 17:41:00
- jesus it's this thread again ...2011.08.17 23:19:00
- Ok, you know I'll give the two flying the Imicus a pass -- they could've been noobs. Live and learn. ...2011.08.12 18:50:00
- A fine tale indeed.Who would play the pro-(?)tagonist in the filmed version of this delightful yarn? ...2011.08.08 23:12:00
- At least this OP spelled the word 'thief' correctly. ...2011.08.08 18:38:00
- What an excellent idea! Thanks for the forewarning when I run incursions. ...2011.08.04 22:08:00
- yep. terrible looking. that goes for salvagers/tractors too ...2011.08.03 21:21:00
- Nowadays the bag is for that very rare hygenic and well mannered bum, who after consuming said adult ...2011.08.03 19:20:00
- Sounds entertaining. Spank usually doesn't disappoint. Will have to check it out! ...2011.08.03 17:40:00
- In before the lock... this thread is going nowhere fast ...2011.08.02 17:52:00
- ...seeing as how just a few of us came back recently...Judge Dredd is on and I forgot what I was goi ...2011.08.02 17:41:00
- All kidding aside, I think there are some issues here that need to be thought about and Raj brings u ...2011.07.28 19:13:00
- Although I am not a pirate (I don't care for the puffy shirts) I can speculate: I would liken a caps ...2011.07.22 21:44:00

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