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- Learn to spell first. ...2010.12.06 14:07:00
- About time, i for one am glad this is being done .. FINALLY!and to all the nay sayers ..... IN YO FA ...2010.11.25 22:17:00
- Yeah, it's a legit mailPerfect example how people get hacked, naturally selected individuals will be ...2010.11.05 13:09:00
- I was wondering what the game would be like if the population hit that number like another MMO recen ...2010.10.31 19:07:00
- These Forums, full of Natural Selection! ...2010.08.20 12:13:00
- Its VERY easy to use the MAC address.Its VERY easy to change the MAC address.Read much? Learn to r ...2010.08.18 13:35:00
- Edited by: 203 on 17/08/2010 22:05:32 the only way to determine that is to check for unique ips (ma ...2010.08.18 13:15:00
- This is why im such a huge advocate of Natural Selection, stupid runs strong in the Eve community! ...2010.08.08 01:22:00
- Great idea! I'm going to go...Incarna DUST514 This. ...2010.08.03 13:39:00
- Current PCU record is 60,453! Come on everyone get your friends to log in lets try and beat the reco ...2010.07.26 16:21:00
- "We have one team (at this point) assigned to EVE Gate development and iteration, and that won‘t cha ...2010.07.16 19:16:00
- CCP will outlaw violence in stations...but we all know all that is needed to grief the "no-undock"-b ...2010.07.15 18:50:00
- Edited by: kurg on 08/07/2010 18:52:09 These forums, the amount of Natural Selection that plagues t ...2010.07.08 18:51:00
- (...) from 38:00+, or go to 40:00+ (...)^^This. ...2010.07.02 19:04:00
- Don't Warcraft already do this?I would like to think your average EVE player is a bit more internetz ...2010.07.01 21:03:00

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